“Does something with computers” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There was a time when development was fairly simple. There was code and there was an interpreter. Debugging meant running your code through the interpreter and then find out at which point it had broken.

Those days are over. We now have a vast array of frameworks and tools at our service, made by creative integration developers and smart devops, compiled in realtime by smart task runners and running on any of many available realtime manageable platform services.

Managing all this is a dance of precision which requires excellent timing, fine-tuned sensivity and the mindset of a maker.


Being a full integration developer, I am trained by practice and experienced by wandering decades of ever changing tech-landscapes.

My vanilla coding skills include, amongst others, PHP, Javascript, Python, CSS, SASS, SQL and I generaly code by methods and patterns such as OOP and MVC.

I prefer creating tailored applications on top of matured frameworks, using external libraries and toolsets where needed, but as little as possible, keeping dependencies at a low.

Compiling however, I love to incorporate as much automation as possible, making dev life for the whole team as easy as possible.

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